About Us

Who we are

At Brananlaw, we believe that clothing is a powerful medium of self-expression, and its journey from idea to reality should reflect our core values. We strive to create a harmonious balance between style and sustainability, ensuring that our impact on the environment and its inhabitants aligns with our collective vision for a better future.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to serving the discerning global citizen who seeks sophisticated design, enlightening education, and potent tools for advocacy. Our technology-driven platform for a circular economy is founded upon the contemporary business principles of community, transparency, and mindful scarcity. A value system that prioritizes the welfare of people, animals, and the environment directs our decision-making process.

Our Collection

We boldly explore the limitless possibilities of responsibly sourced and ethically produced materials, creating clothing that is both sensual and resilient and expertly designed to flatter diverse body types. Our garments are crafted for the modern warrior and intended to become timeless staples in your wardrobe.

Fashion as Activism

We utilize fashion as a means to inspire change, showcasing the potential for a sustainable and ethical industry at this pivotal moment in human history. By amplifying the voices of change-makers, educating our community about the stories behind our garments, and increasing transparency in supply chains, we aim to transform the fashion landscape.

Our Community

Our dedicated team, reliable partnerships with suppliers, and, most importantly, your support make this transformative vision possible. We are grateful for your commitment to join us on our journey towards creating Brananlaw.

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Hamlet 3, Yen Noi Hamlet, Dong Quang Commune, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi City, Vietnam 100000

Tax code: 0110351032
Representative: NGUYEN VAN THUAN

Tel : +84 848-429-787
Email :support@brananlaw.com